Christmas Freak

Rudy was always a strange boy. But when his father abandoned the family one Christmas morning, Rudy spiraled into a loop celebrating Christmas every day hoping that one day his father will return. At 43, Rudy is alone, with only his clueless dragon lady mother who will not be winning the Best Mom award anytime soon. When he meets Clarice, he begins to question his life choices. And with the help of a sassy angel, Nelson, Rudy comes to realize that there is more in life to celebrate than Christmas. Even if it means his dad never comes home. Or does he?
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Film Credits


Sean Brown

Sean Brown is an award-winning film maker and writer in Portland, Oregon. He has completed 4 feature films since 2013 and is Portland’s most prolific zero budget filmmaker.

Sean’s films, budgets ranging from $500 – $750, have screened in festivals throughout Europe, Asia, Central America, and North America. His film RADIO SILENCE was awarded grand prize at WIPE festival in Germany. And his latest film, STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL was honored with acceptance at the 45th NW Filmmaker’s Film Festival in November 2018.


Gemma Bulos - Producer

Sean Brown - Producer
Gemma Bulos - Music Producer
Gemma Bulos - Composer Soundtrack
Sean Brown - Writer
Sean Brown - Director
Montetre - Cinematographer - Producer

Key Cast

Sean Marlow - "Rudy Rotnase"
Amy Hagan - "Clarice"
David Drumgold - "Nelson/Angel/Cool Guy"
Gemma Bulos - "Donna Rotnase (Mom)"


Genré: Dramedy, Holiday, Romance
Runtime: 1 hour 31 minutes 3 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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