Just A Minute/Chwila Moment/一瞬の出来事

Life takes a dramatic turn when an unexpected encounter with a young girl in the midst of a forest completely upends the protagonist’s world.

Just A Minute Chwila Moment poster GIFF 2023

Film Credits


Maciej Szkonter

Maciej Józef Szkonter was born on March 15, 1995 in Wloszczowa, Poland to Sylwia Szkonter (grocery shop owner) and Andrzej Szkonter (primary school teacher). Film was a big part of his life since age of 6 and became full time when he bought his first camera with help of his grandmother Wieslawa at age 12. After finishing high school he went on to continue his education at Silesian University of Technology (architecture) and later at Lodz Film School. Since then he finished multiple projects, starting with small internet videos, video art work, than music videos, at last narrative and documentary work.


Maciej Szkonter - Writer / Producer
Weronika Piątek - Associate Producer
Robert Kołodziejczyk - Production Coordinator
Filip Wojciechowski - Film Editing

Key Cast

Agnieszka Kijewska - "Older Girl"
Antonina Capek - "Younger Girl"


Genré: Adventure
Runtime: 24 minutes 41 seconds
Country of Origin: Poland

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