This is the tale of a man blessed with an extraordinary extrasensory ability, granting him the power to anticipate the patterns of his conscious actions. However, this seemingly advantageous gift proves to be more of a curse as it sets in motion a series of unfortunate events, entangling the protagonist in a twisted chain reaction of consequences.

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Film Credits


Prateek Sengupta

An Architect, Filmmaker and Music Producer taught by passion and practice over the years out of pure love and appreciation for the art of Storytelling.

To me, making Film & Music has always been about exploring and learning new styles, just as an Architect experimenting with techniques to be able to design structures, discover camera angles and compose melodies and rhythms that get stuck in the audience's mind.



Manas Das - Director of Photography / Screenplay
Prateek Sengupta - Screenplay / Writer
Aviral Tuteja - Writer
Karmik Kollective - Producer

Key Cast

Aakash Mohanty
Ishan Puntambekar
Akriti Agarwal
Hritik Ranjan
Agrim Pant
Srishti Baid


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 33 minutes 1 second
Country of Origin: India

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