The Secret Weapon: Yesterday IS Today

The narrative revolves around a group of six teenagers during the spring of 1963, who found themselves at the heart of one of the most momentous demonstrations in the annals of the Civil Rights Movement. These courageous young individuals united with thousands of others, fearlessly confronting the notorious segregationist figure known as Eugene “Bull” Connor. Among the children were even four-year-olds, subjected to the confines of overcrowded, pest-ridden jails and makeshift pens at the local fairgrounds. The dilemma arose as Dr. King, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, and other leaders pondered on how to secure their release. However, these resilient youth refused to relent until their pleas reached the ears of President John F. Kennedy, captivating the attention of the entire world. This pivotal event struck a crippling blow to the era of segregation, effectively reinvigorating the Civil Rights Movement. Hence, these children have often been hailed as the “Secret Weapon” of this transformative struggle.

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Film Credits


Ken Sagoes

Ken Sagoes, born in Stockbridge, Georgia, and raised in Atlanta, is an award-winning writer and actor with film, TV, and stage credits. He attended Kennesaw State University and studied writing and directing under the UCLA Extension program. Sagoes also studied under two entertainment legends, Edmund J. Cambridge and Marlon Brando. He's a former staff writer with Paramount Television, won a CableAce Award and was a HUMANITAS Prize Finalist for writing and co-starring in Disney Channel's "On Promised Land".

Sagoes has written fourteen plays and over thirty-five screenplays. As a stage actor, he has received several awards, including a NAACP Theater nomination for Ted Lange's critically acclaimed play, "George Washington's Boy".


Ken Sagoes - Writer / Producer
Jay Deitzel - Producer
Karen T. Bolt - Producer
Andrew Tyler - Editor
Patrick St. Fleur - Cinematography

Key Cast

Victoria Ogbonna - "Nellie Dacus"
Kennedy Porter - "Rodney"
Francis C. Edemobi - "Charles"
Nicholas Heard - "Alvin"
Andre Tucker Jr. - "Bobo"
Shea Boatswain - "Shine"
Coco Atama - "Leon"
Vincent Doud - "Kyle"
Matthieu Jean-Pierre - "Billy"
Richard Whitney Gardenhire Jr. - "Little Michael"
Blake Alexus - "Little Rickey"
Jovon Henry - "Obadiah"
Geramy Dixon - "Ron"
Isaiah Harris - "Frankie"
Jonathan Maduike - "James"
Tony Nevada - "Burke Marshall"
Ronan Barbour - "John Doar"
Gregory Pekar - "Mayor Boutwell"
James Nevada - "Officer Lonny"
Christopher Ross Martin - "Officer Jake/KKK member"
Michael Polak - "Officer Craig"
Todd Todd Anthony - "Malcolm X (voice)"
Robert Maffia - "Klansman (voice)"


Genré: Civil Rights
Runtime: 38 minutes 56 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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