Neon - Global Indie Film Fest




Film Type: Long Short
Genres: Action
Runtime: 21 minutes 15 seconds

A lone Rider sets out on an overnight rescue mission through the smog filled motorbike empire of Hongkoria.

Director Biography
With an Irish heritage and life growing up in Hong Kong, Malachy Cole has spent the good part of the last 10 years living in Australia.

Through studying a Bachelor of Screenwriting at VCA in Melbourne, Malachy wrote the first draft of NEON five years ago and has now successfully brought together a crew of many talents to produce the short film in 2018.

NEON is Malachy Cole's directorial debut.


Director / Wriet / Producer - Malachy Cole

Producer - Brayden Alden

Producer - Gee Cabalou

Producer - Sam Kidd

Key Cast

Brayden Alden - "Gesellen Drunk"
Ghislain Cabalou - "Moustache Voyageur"
Gregory Caine - "The Crowned"
Thea Cole - "Gesellen Girl"
Adam Fitzgerald - "The Hostage"
Sam Kidd - "Crown Corpse"
Donald Mak - "Wing 'The Neon Dragon' Zhiyuan "
Eden Porter - "Stoic Voyageur"
Liam Ryan - "Tin Pot Crow"

Giff-Bronze Award Long Short

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