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Neverland 欢喜地



Film Type: Long Short
Genres: Drama
Runtime: 34 minutes 19 seconds

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Dong Dong, a young 19-year-old girl has a strong and twisted crash on her older brother (QIU Qiu)’s best friend (Yuan Yuan), who’s not aware of Dong Dong’s affection at all. Dong Dong, deliriously in love with Yuan, constantly sneaks into Yuan’s home to spy on his life. QIU died from an accident caused by drunk driving the night before his wedding to his girlfriend Yun. The four of them depict the fantasy, frustration and desperation of lust and love.

Director Biography
Melbourne based Chinese director.
Graduated from RMIT digital media in 2016.
Written and directed short film “Just Another Love Story” in 2015.

Producer of the short film “Breathing Wild”, officially selected by Sydney Indi Film Festival.


Director / Writer – XINGYU ZHAO

Producer – SORA GAO

Producer – SHUO LI

Key Cast

Rainko Ma – “Dong Dong”
Sheen Tang – “Yuan Yuan”
Leo Liu – “Qiu Qiu”
Naomi Li – “Yun”

Voting for this film is over. Nominations from season 1 will be announced shortly.


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