Elise, in her twenties, is madly in love with benjamin of the same age.

But the guy has eyes only for gloria. She prefers to wait before
Making up her mind.

Elise and benjamin are part of the group of 6 who regularly challenge
The group of 5 young people of the district by the gospel song.

Who will win the great competition of the gospel singing biennial
Organized by the tv channel litemotiv?

Benjamin has received a vocation to become a pastor, he is coached by
The very strict pastor g.

An unexpected event is going to upset the community. What if the
Answer is forgiveness and repentance?

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Film Credits


Gnassounou Koffi Chico

Chico Koffi GNASSOUNOU is originally from Togo.

In France since 1987, he is married with Nadine and they have three children.

After his secondary education in Togo in Africa, he left Togo for a life of adventure which led him to Ghana, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin, Nigeria and finally to France. He found work in a cleaning company where he climbed the ladder. He does not hesitate to do training on the side. He became the company's purchasing manager.

He is also a storyteller, author and composer, choir director of a Gospel choir, pastor and actor.

Since his childhood Chico Koffi GNASSOUNOU spent his free time inventing and writing stories, but it is in 2001 after a redundancy of the company where he worked that he was able to join the GRETA of Puy en Velay.

He will leave with a certificate recognizing the training of : Polyvalent Technician in audiovisual and comes out straight after his first short film.



Key Cast

Grimaldi Séphora - "As Elise"
Dumoulin Loris - "As Benjamin"
Nikita Phemba Kolo Djai-djai - "As Gloria"
Gnassounou Koffi Chico - "As Pastor G"
Bakonou Jung Maryse Cornélia - "As Helza"
Gnassounou Akpah Johanna Afi - "As Dahlia"
Gaye Fatou Bintou - "As Audrey"
Diaby Mohamed - "Pastor's Son"
Gnassounou Shalom - "Pastor's Daugther"


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 1 hour 57 minutes 59 seconds
Country of Origin: France

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