The Oven of the Prophets

In the world someone makes war, sows terror, people flee, but in the “Oven of the Prophets”, Confucius, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Moses “(the great religions) work intensely day and night, to give these people a hope , to give them a “piece of bread”.

Film Credits


Massimo Fersini


Massimo Fersini - Writer Totem Blue
Massimo Fersini - Producer
Cosimo Melcarne - Photography Director

Key Cast

Franco Diso Pisani - "Confucio"
Riccardo Lezzi - "Gesù"
Matteo Cazzato - "Maometto"
Davide Donadei - "Budda"
Lucio Lia - "Mosè"
Oladipupo Ashaolu - "Immigrato"


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 2 minutes 10 Seconds
Country of Origin: Italy

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