The Phone Booth

During an argument on a quiet street, an estranged couple believes that they hear gunshots nearby. Sequestering themselves inside of a cramped telephone box, they begin to question the reality of their situation and attempt to escape.

Film Credits


Melissa Swift

Melissa Swift is a Melbourne-based filmmaker who is most interested in exploring queer, women-focused stories as well as the relationships we have with each other an ourselves. Melissa - or Mel - is currently very close to completing her Bachelor of Film and Television (Honours) at Swinburne University of Technology and is busy directing her graduate film Mammatus. Mel has found a deep interest in exploring representations of sapphic relationships on screen as well as researching the use of landscape and space in Australian cinema. The Phone Booth is Mel’s 16mm film completed at Swinburne and was the catalyst for forging strong friendships and creative fulfilment at university. Mel is extremely excited to start sharing The Phone Booth with the world and can’t wait to see it on a big screen.


Jack Green - Writer
Alanna Marshall - Producer
Robert Hess - Editor
Tom Tutone - Cinematographer

Key Cast

Jack Michel - "Noah"
Alex Marshall - "Nat"


Genré: Drama Thriller
Runtime: 5 minutes 47 seconds
Country of Origin: Australia

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