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Skip Her

Skip Her

Skip Her

Film Type: Short
Genres: Family, Drama
Runtime: 10 minutes 23 seconds

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Molly, soon 9, wishes for a Barbie doll for her Birthday . Her parents are having a good time, and she too wishes to grow up!
She wants to have a Barbie doll so she can dress her with clothes and shoes just like her mothers. Mollys brother Peter is a nuisance and he is always trying to sneak into her room to try to steal her stored candy that she is keeping in a jar. Birthday comes with a surprise she has to deal with, in her own way, in the manner of the calm days of 1970´s.


Director Biography

Sara Key´s First Directed Short Film.

Her childhood spent in Sweden and Africa, in a home of Architects and with a father who was a wild life photographer, she always knew art was her way of expressing herself.

She has directed for the Theatre in Sweden and in France, and have been a Scriptwriter since 1995. As an actress she has been working in Film, Theatre and Television since 1980.


Director/Writer/Producer - Sara Key

Key Cast

Felix Engström - “Father”
Iwa Boman - “Storekeeper”
Sara Key - “Mother”
Lilou Traista - “Molly”

Voting for this film is over. Nominations from season 2 will be announced shortly.

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