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Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

Film Type: Short
Genres: Comedy, Horror
8 minutes

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When a wheelchair-bound teen is put to bed by his overly attached father, he complains about personal space. However, when the lights go out, he’ll soon discover that it’s not the bed bugs that bite!

Director Biography

Lewis Taylor is a London born writer/director and trained animator. Lewis has worked extensively in all aspects of the film and television industry for the last five years. Whether it’s helping develop scripts for Hammer Films or creating costumes for Transformers, his energy and enthusiasm for film is as extensive as his collection of laser-discs.


Director/Writer – Lewis Taylor
Produce – Jack Pollington

Key Cast

Mark Field – “Frank”
Joseph Richard Thomas – “Josh”
Lewis Taylor – “The Abomination ”

Sleep Tight Winner Best Comedy Short

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