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11 Minutes

A stranger. 11 minutes. 660 seconds that could be worth a lifetime. On a night that was supposed to be a celebration in a restaurant for the couple Beta and André, everything seems to change with the arrival of an intruder. Pedro brings news and revelations that can turn Beta´s world upside down.

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Film Credits


FM Lemos

Born in Brazil in 1981, FM Lemos has always been a great lover of cinema. He worked his entire life in advertising until at the age of 36 he decided to devote himself to his passion. He graduated from the Latin American Film Institute and created his first short film, 11 minutes, which he wrote, produced and directed. In 2019 he participated as art director, executive producer and screenwriter of Arthur Moric's feature film Placebo Effect.


FM Lemos - Writer
FML Lemos - Producer
Carol Caliri - Producer
Arthur Moric - Director of Photography
Vinícius Ortiz - Film Editor
Arthur Lopes - First Assistant Director
Victória Clemente - Second Assistant Director
Mylena Dantas - Production Assistant
Matheus Atid - Sound
Victor Phols - Sound
Gilberto Prado - Camera Operator
Pietro Tardelli - Camera Operator
Daniela Gonc - Make-up Artist
FM Lemos - Art Director
FM Lemos - Costume Designer
Vinícius Ortiz - Colourist

Key Cast

Giulia Pamina - “Beta”
Eric Bortolato - “Pedro”
Arthur Jorge - “André”
Daniela Souto - “Gipsy”


Genré: Sscience fiction
Runtime: 14 minutes 10 seconds
Country of Origin: Brazil

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