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A Date in the Dark

A Date in the Dark narrates the Last day journey of a Husband with his blind wife and it is a Virtual Audio Telugu Short film. Virtual Audio film is nothing but a film that gives us a realistic experience with just audio and sounds.

A Date in the Dark film poster

Film Credits


Singara Mohan

Singara Mohan is an Independent Filmmaker from a small town in Southern part of India who learnt the art of Cinema completely from online. Singara Mohan never worked under any filmmaker to learn the craft. A Date in the Dark is his debut work and it was completely made during the covid times by following the Lockdown guidelines of India.


Producer - Singara Mohan
Writer - Singara Mohan
Editor - Singara Mohan

Key Cast

Dhrona Srinivas - “Chinna”
Alekhya Patwari - “Priya”


Genré: Family, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Runtime: 11 minutes 22 seconds
Country of Origin: India

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