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Hatua Kwa Hatua - Step by Step

Hatua Kwa Hatua is the second collaborative Film of the bagamoyo film collective
Hatua kwa Hatua is a film about the relationship and dynamics of environment and every day life. The Film tells the story of Mama K and her husband. He is a fisherman, but he hasn’t found fish for a long time, because of the over fished sea. Mama K becomes the main provider for the family. That leads to conflicts in their relationship. And there is a community theatre group thinking about their next street performance.

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Film Credits


Judith Albrecht, Bafico

Judith Albrecht was born in Berlin in 1975. She acquired her Master’s degree studying ethnology, Latin American studies and sociology at the Freie Universität Berlin and completed her doctorate in 2011.

Since 2003 she works as ethnologist, locally and abroad, and as lecturer at different institutes of higher learning. Since 2016 she lectures at the faculty for ethnology at Freie Universität Berlin.

In 2002 she graduated from Filmwerkstatt Münster, following a course in “master school documentary lm”, and works as a freelance documentary filmmaker since 2003.

Her regional focus lies on the Near and Middle East (speci cally Iran), Libya and East Africa (speci cally Tansania and Malawi). Her topical focus lies on gender, political anthropology, migration, memory, transnationalism and diaspora studies.

Judith Albrecht has engaged with social and political changes and their eject on personal history and biography in a multitude of ways.

In 2016 she directed "Nani kama Mama", the first movie of the Bagamoyo Film Collective.


Bafico - Writer
Nicholaus Agrey Msami - Producer
Diana Wintrich - Producer
Alex Kalemela - Community Theatre Group
Abou Mdewele - Community Theatre Group
Hilda Soa - Community Theatre Group
Veronica Aloyce Lyimo - Community Theatre Group
Abdully Ramadhan - Community Theatre Group
Ikupa Moses - Community Theatre Group
Mohamed Maeda - Community Theatre Group
Frank Davison - Community Theatre Group
Harald Geil - Acting Instructor
Tom Rotsching - Cinematographer
Frank Burilo - Camera/Lightning Assistants
Calvin Rodgers Mabuga -Camera/Lightning Assistants
Rodgers Kasamiro - Camera/Lightning Assistants
Luna Marion Rozenberger - Camera/Lightning Assistants
Sven Jensen-Brakelman - Sound Mixer
Rodney Machange - Sound Assistants
Abednego Kanonora - Sound Assistants
Aline Bonvin - Film Editor
Sven Jensen-Brakelman - Sound Designer
Tom Rotsching -Colorist
Christoph Marx - Project Documentarist
Judith Albrecht - Artistic Director

Key Cast

Levina Mahimbali - “Mama K”
Yahaya Shabani - “Husband”
Wilfried Mwanyika - “Elder fisherman”
Samwel Mlawa - “Younger fisherman”
Alexander Benjamin Waters - “Bajaji driver”
Pili Said - “Woman getting wood”
Imelder Mboneko Munyaga - “Woman at station”


Genré: Environment
Runtime: 11 minutes 40 seconds
Country of Origin: Tanzania

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