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The Voice Within My Silence

Alice Plate is a 22 years old aspiring singer, who lost her voice after a vocal cord surgery three months ago and now she feels like her world is falling apart. Only the meeting with a sign language instructor can change her attitude towards the muteness and teach her how to express her inner voice through a new and unconventional singing technique.

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Film Credits


Massimiliano Folgheraiter

I am an Italian director, writer, and composer from Trento, Italy.

From a young age, I started familiarising with the broadcasting industry at the local TV studio where my father worked as the programme chief director, developing a profound passion and strong interest in film production.

After graduating from high school in 2014, I attended the F.A. Bonporti Music School in Trento specialising in Popular Music. In 2020, I graduated in Film BA at the University of Kent (UK). During my studies, I spent a semester abroad at the California State University, Long Beach (US) in 2019.


Massimiliano Folgheraiter - Writer
Andeea Vijulan - Writer
Lorenzo Gianni - Writer
Massimiliano Folgheraiter - Composer
Lawrence Jackson - Executive Producer
Massimiliano Folgheraiter - Cinematographers
Lorenzo Gianni - Cinematographers
Massimiliano Folgheraiter - Editor
Massimiliano Folgheraiter - Producer

Key Cast

Eleonora Matrisciano - “Alice Plate”
Elena Vrasida - “Alexandra Nikolaou”


Genré: Musical, Drama
Runtime: 11 minutes 22 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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