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Mr Trump is celebrating Thanksgiving

Mr Trump und his Familiy is celebrating Thankgsgiving.It seems normal,but it isn’t.Because why is the daughter between the legs under the Table of Mr Trump?!
Mr Trump is celebrating Thanksgiving film poster

Film Credits


Katrin Butt

Katrin Butt is director,actress,writer,artist,singer and filmproducer. She studied Video and art At the Kunstuni Linz in Austria. She got 14 prizes in Festivals as actress,director,best film made Cds and wrote books.


Katrin Butt - Writer
Katrin Butt - Producer
Artfilmproductions - Producer

Key Cast

Isabella Hübner - “Melania Trump”
Hassan L. - “Mr Trump”
Emil de Cillia - “Dick”
Marion Müller - “Hope”
Katrin Butt - “Tante Anni”


Genré: Experimental, Short Drama
Runtime: 8 minutes 38 seconds
Country of Origin: Austria

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