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Sorry! (வருந்துகிறோம்)

Sorry! (வருந்துகிறோம்!) is a Tamil Short-film about a young girl from Tamilnadu who has suddenly disappeared in America.

This film was made during COVID-19 times while the actors and crew members were observing social distancing without leaving their homes.

Sorry! film poster

Film Credits


Sathyarajkumar - Writer
Sathyarajkumar - Producer

Key Cast

Kavitha - "News Anchor"
Sindhu - "Rama"
Akhil - "Murali"
Siva Selvanathan - "Reporter"
Balaji Malappu - "Moderator"
Nanda - "Rajan"
Chithran Raghunath - "Malarmannan"
Revathi Raghavan - "Kanchana"


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 8 minutes 30 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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