The Butcher Official Selection at the Global Indie Film Festival

The Butcher

The Butcher

The Butcher

Film Type: Feature
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Runtime: 65 minutes 3 seconds

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Thaddeus Hyatt is a chef. He has mad cow. He kidnaps foreigners kills them, injects his blood into them, than feeds them to the folks in his restaurants.

Michael Moutsatsos has directed 7 films. The Butcher is his 8th film. It was his first time directing himself as well. He has a acting background, so the other actors found that he understood them better when they acted. As an actor he has appeared in The Warriors, Pearl Harbor, Star Trek Voyager, Spiderman, and was on Broadway in CATS.


Director / Writer / Producer – Michael Moutsatsos

Producer – Carolone DeGrave

Producer – Sam Mason

Key Cast

Michael Moutsatsos – “Thaddeus Hyatt”

Maria Olsen – “Beatrice Hyatt”

Noel Jason Scott – “Mr. Cremator”

Sam Mason – “Slayer”

Caroline DeGrave – “Chole Denerauve”

Bud John Phineas – “The Eradicator”

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