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The Curie Case

Случаят Кюри трейлър

The Curie Case

The Curie Case

Film Type: Feature
Genres: Comedy, Family
Runtime: 50 minutes

Tony is only 8 YO and will participate at the National Science Festival with his lab mouse - Marie Curie. The mouse is kidnapped from Raya and Stefan. The ballet performance of the school fails gloriously, in return for the birth of a new friendship.

Director Biography - Andrey Hadjivasilev belongs to the new generation of contemporary Bulgarian directors. In 2004, he graduated with honors from the National High School of Photography. Later on, he received a bachelor’s degree as a Film and TV Director and a master’s degree in Film Production. In 2009, he continued his education at the world-famous FAMU film academy in Prague, the Czech Republic. Andrey directed and produced the first Bulgarian 3D stereo documentary, Steps in the Fire, which received a documentary debut nomination by the Bulgarian Film Academy. Andrey loves working and spending time with kids, so the revival of the golden era of Bulgarian and Europian children’s movies has become a personal cause for him with his 1st feature live-action film THE CURIE CASE.


Director / Producer - Andrey Hadjivasilev

Writer - Sabina Ivanova

Writer - Plamena Velkovsky

Producer - Plamen Yordanov

Key Cast

Martin Paunov - “Tony”
Zornitsa Ivanova - “Raya”

Giff Bronze Award Feature

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