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White Line Fever

White Line Fever

White Line Fever

Film Type: Short
Genres: Comedy
Runtime: 12 minutes 15 seconds

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The adorable Rainbow Unicorns take on the Killers in a game that the Gods of Olympus themselves dare not play.....Mixed Social Netball.


Director/Writer - Nicholas Smith

Writer/Producer - Daniel Wilson

Producer - Bruce Culverwell

Key Cast

Daniel Wilson - “Matt”
Blake Wintle - “Brad”
Alice Wrobel - “Chelsie”
Sylvia Cornes - “Deanna”
Rachel Kahan - “Casey”
Virginia Cole - “Megan”
Max Rankin - “Miles”
Gabrielle Beasley - “Antonia”

Voting for this film is over. Nominations from season 1 will be announced shortly.

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