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Film Type: Short
Genres: Drama
18 minutes 42 seconds

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A story about a human trafficking survivor’s journey to freedom.

Director Biography

Fôlsheart Productions was established in early 2018 by U.S. Navy Veteran Alicia Buckner in San Diego, California. New York born and raised, Alicia had a vision to create films that impact society in subtle yet meaningful and memorable way. She set out to help businesses, nonprofits, artists, and actors alike enhance their vision through film. Bringing out the underlying emotion that needs to be tapped into to make a lasting impact on viewers is the main priority of Fôlsheart. Fôlsheart Productions bring diverse voices together in a new light utilizing film.


Director/Writer – Alicia Buckner
Writer – Jamie Beck

Key Cast

Emily Mahon – “Iris”
Samantha Labrecque – “Grace”
John Henry Richardson – “Grampa Pete”
Luciana Elisa Quinonez – “Sam”

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