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The Guard

The Guard

Film Type: Short
Genres: Psychological horror
15 minutes

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A troubled female guard finds her inner demons come to life during a night shift at a storage facility.

Director Biography

An Indian-born Director of Short Films, documentaries and promos with 20 years experience in broadcast TV, including working for Discovery Networks International and BBC. She has produced and directed many documentaries on Human rights, Tribal Survival, Trans issues and the Environment. Of these “Flames in the Looking Glass” premiered at the Raindance Film Festival 2007, London. While “The Vanishing People” (1997) remains the only film ever made about the tribe of a remote Andaman island.

She is now writing and directing fiction shorts and super 8 films. The 2018 film “The Ghost in the Kamera” won Best Children’s Short, Best Child Actress and Best Fantasy Short at two international festivals and screened at many others. Her Super 8mm short “Fable” was shortlisted for the Straight 8 2019 Cannes competition and “Blackbird” won Honourable Mention at Berlin Flash Film Festival.

Selected for the 2006 BFI London Film Festival Think- Shoot-Distribute programme. Recipient of the Hubert Bals Fund grant from Rotterdam Festival in 1997 for the Bengali feature screenplay ‘Chandi’. Recipient of the Charles Wallace Arts Trust Grant in 1999 to make a 16mm short film ‘afterimage’. Mentored under the Directors Guild programme on “Holby City” by Director Indra Bhose and on “Silent Witness” by the late Director Maurice Phillips. This year, selected for the 2019 Directors UK Inspire Programme and won the Arri Trinity one take short challenge.



Director/Writer – Shona Charlton

Producer – Tamara Day

Key Cast

Kathryn O’Reilly – “Mel”
Damola Adelaja – “Judah”
Malin Karp -“Woman in container”

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1 Comment

  1. Arin Dutta

    Very topical, with the Vietnamese refugee tragedy in the UK fresh in the mind. Excellent cinematography and strong performance by the leads!

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